Mini Mobile

Designed to optimise the meeting experience, Mini Mobile is suitable for all environments from the boardroom to the classroom.


Flip-top technology

Mini mobile is easy to both fold and unfold, and the narrow transit profile is great for transporting between rooms.


Quickly create table formations with Mini Mobile. If you need some space, you can wheel the tables away, fold them down and nest them neatly together.  Yourspace becomes a multi-purpose space. >>

Jewel Castor

The Muzo precision engineered Jewel castor ensures that the table is as stable as fixed-frame furniture when locked. Jewel castor prevents the need for linking devices, ensures fluid transit and keeps the top of your footwear clean thanks to the locking pad design.


It only requires one person to fold and nest the tables. Many miss this point, but the functional simplicity of Mini Mobile makes light work of tasks that can often be laborious, time-consuming and strenuous on our bodies.


Supercharge your space

Combine the Kite range with wireless power solutions to make a truly liberated, dynamically integrated space. The wireless power range can also be included in custom pieces from soft furnishing to workstations and everything in between!  >>